Mobile Payments - Shopping Abandonment Improving
Mobile Payments – Shopping Abandonment Improving, But Still a Problem

While 56 percent of smartphone owners say they have abandoned an e-commerce transaction on a mobile device, that number is down from two years ago when two-thirds said they had done the same, according to a new report from mobile authentication technology provider Jumio. The survey, conducted for Jumio by Harris Interactive, found purchase uncertainty to be the top reason for abandonment (identified by 45 percent of respondents), but usability issues closely followed with 36 percent indicating slow loading times forced them to abandon a purchase while 31 percent said it was too difficult to navigate the checkout process. Despite the decrease in abandonment, Jumio said businesses still are leaving nearly $25 billion on the table.

Mobile payments, also referred to as mobile money, mobile money transfer, and mobile wallet generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a smart mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, check, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods. It is only recently that the technology to support such systems has become widely available.

A simple mobile web payment system can also include a credit card payment flow allowing a consumer to enter their card details to make purchases. This process is familiar but any entry of details on a mobile phone is known to reduce the success rate (conversion) of payments.

‘Order Ahead’ apps

Order Ahead Apps Apps are intended to reduce wait times for guests and continues the brand’s commitment to enhance the in-store experience and improve its implementation of technology as consumers increasingly turn to mobile for retail transactions. It also incorporates an updated brand look and feel and an improved digital customer experience.

About The Fast Charge Payment Gateway

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ is a payment gateway and e-commerce application service provider that authorizes payments for online businesses, retail retailers, mobile merchants or traditional brick and mortar merchants. Fast Charge is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets.

Payment gateways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor.

The Fast Charge payment gateway works with over 5200 shopping carts. Fast Charge is approved on the following payment networks.

First Data (Omaha)

FDMS Nashville

FDMS North

World Pay

Check 21 Payment

CyBrCollect Payment





Flying J

Global e Telecom

Global Payments East

Global Payments Central (Mapp)

IPCommerce Host Capture

Jack Henry

Network One





WireCard Asia Pacific

Many Others…

Many payment gateways also provide tools to automatically screen orders for fraud and calculate tax in real time prior to the authorization request being sent to the processing networks. Tools to detect fraud include geolocation, velocity pattern analysis, OFAC list lookups, ‘black-list’ lookups, delivery address verification, computer finger printing technology, identity morphing detection, and basic AVS checks.

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