Credit card decline codes
Decline Codes

Decline Codes


For credit card and debit card declines retail swiped transactions and e-commerce transactions may be treated differently at the processing network level.

Fast Charge will always return a standardized response code for each of your transactions. For e-commerce or card not present transactions there are always 3 decline codes. Fast Charge will return the decline code with whatever description the card holder’s Bank returns. 

To determine the reason for a declined transaction the following are the three decline codes for e-commerce transactions:

The first two numbers in the response code tells us where the decline comes from:

07 or 08: This decline is issued from the customer’s Bank

Example: DECLINED:0700240079

Example: DECLINED:0700560029 Declined: Call Processing Network

Note: The decline response may or my not have a reason passed back with the response.  If there is no description passed back the customer will have to contact their issuing Bank for the reason they declined it.


11: A decline code that begins with “1” is issued by Fast Charge

Example: DECLINED:1101920001  “Invalid Expiration Date”:

Example: DECLINED:1103280308  “Address Does Not Match”

Note: This transaction has a reason passed back by the issuing Bank as “Invalid Expiration Date”.


30: A decline code that begins with “3” is issued by Fast Charge and is a system failure.

Example: Declined: 308741209 “Call fast Charge Support”


The retail response codes below “DO Not Always” apply to e-commerce transactions so please keep this in mind when determining the reason for a decline. We will try to match the retail response with e-commerce transactions but we have found that these can be inaccurate some of the time!


Retail Terminal Decline Codes:

For retail swiped transactions there are many more decline codes possible. Here is a list of the most common for First Data and TSYS processing networks:

First Data:

01 Invalid Transmission Code
03 Terminal ID not setup for settlement on this Card Type
04 Terminal ID not setup for authorization on this Card Type
05 Invalid Card Expiration Date
06 Invalid Process Code, Authorization Type or Card Type
07 Invalid Transaction or Other Dollar Amount
08 Invalid Entry Mode
09 Invalid Card Present Flag
10 Invalid Customer Present Flag
11 Invalid Transaction Count Value
12 Invalid Terminal Type
13 Invalid Terminal Capability
14 Invalid Source ID
15 Invalid Summary ID
16 Invalid Mag Stripe Data
17 Invalid Invoice Number
18 Invalid Transaction Date or Time
19 Invalid Bankcard Merchant Number in First data Database
20 File Access Error in First Data Database
26 Terminal Flagged as Inactive in First Data Database
27 Invalid Merchant/Terminal ID Combination
30 Unrecoverable Database Error from an Authorization Process
31 Database Access Lock Encountered
33 Database Error in Summary Process
43 Transaction ID Invalid, Incorrect or Out of Sequence
51 Terminal Flagged as Not Useable (Violated) in First Data Database
54 Terminal ID Not Setup on First Data Database for Leased Line Access
57 Terminal is Not Programmed for This Service
59 Settle Trans for Summary ID where earlier Settle Trans still Open
60 Invalid Account Number found by Authorization Process
61 Invalid Settlement Data found in Summary Process (Trans level)
62 Invalid Settlement Data or a “Future” Date found in Summary Process (Summary level)
80 Invalid Payment Service data found in Summary Process (Trans Level)
98 General System Error



Response Text Response Code Definition AVS Result
(any) 00 Approved and completed. (any)
(any) 85 No reason to decline. (any)
Partial Approval 10 Partial approval for the authorized amount returned in Group III version 022 See the AVS Result code
“CALL” 01 Refer to issuer. 0
“CALL” 02 Refer to issuer – Special condition. 0
“NO REPLY” 28 File is temporarily unavailable. 0
“NO REPLY” 91 Issuer or switch unavailable. 0
“HOLD-CALL” or “PICK-UP CARD” 04 Pick up card. 0
“HOLD-CALL” or “PICK-UP CARD” 07 Pick up card – Special condition. 0
“HOLD-CALL” or “PICK-UP CARD” 41 Pick up card – Lost. 0
“HOLD-CALL” or “PICK-UP CARD” 43 Pick up card – Stolen. 0
“ACCT LENGTH ERR” EA Verification Error. 0
“ALREADY REVERSED” 79 Already reversed at switch. 0
“AMOUNT ERROR” 13 Invalid amount. 0
“AMT ERROR” 13 Invalid amount 0
“CANT VERIFY PIN” 83 Cannot verify PIN. 0
“CANT VERIFY PIN” 86 Cannot verify PIN. 0
“CARD NO. ERROR” 14 Invalid card number. 0
“CASHBACK NOT APP” 82 Cashback limit exceeded. 0
“CASHBACK NOT AVL” N3 Cashback service not available. 0
“CHECK DIGIT ERR” EB Verification error. 0
“CID FORMAT ERROR” EC Verification error. 0
“DATE ERROR” 80 Invalid date. 0
“DECLINE” 05 Do not honor. 0
“DECLINE” 51 Insufficient funds. 0
“DECLINE” N4 Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit. 0
“DECLINE” 61 Exceeds withdrawal limit. 0
“DECLINE” 62 Invalid service code, restricted. 0
“DECLINE” 65 Activity limit exceeded. 0
“DECLINE” 93 Violation, cannot complete. 0
“ENCRYPTION ERROR” 81 Cryptographic error. 0
“ERROR xxxx” 06 General error. 0
“(CHECK SERVICE CUSTOM TEXT)” 06* Error response text from check service. 0
“EXPIRED CARD” 54 Expired card. 0
“INVALID ROUTING” 92 Destination not found. 0
“INVALID TRANS” 12 Invalid transaction. 0
“NO ACCOUNT” 78 No account. 0
“NO ACTION TAKEN” 21 Unable to back out transaction. 0
“NO ACTION TAKEN” 76 Unable to locate, no match. 0
“NO ACTION TAKEN” 77 Inconsistent data, rev. or repeat. 0
“NO CHECK ACCOUNT” 52 No checking account. 0
“NO CREDIT ACCT” 39 No credit account. 0
“NO SAVE ACCOUNT” 53 No savings account. 0
“NO SUCH ISSUER” 15 No such issuer. 0
“PIN EXCEEDED” 75 PIN tries exceeded. 0
“RE ENTER” 19 Re-enter transaction. 0
“SEC VIOLATION” 63 Security violation. 0
“SERV NOT ALLOWED” 57 Transaction not permitted – Card. 0
“SERV NOT ALLOWED” 58 Transaction not permitted – Terminal. 0
SRCHG Not Allowed B1 Surcharge amount not permitted on Visa cards or EBT food stamps. 0
SRCHG Not Allowd B2 Surcharge amount not supported by debit network issuer. 0
Stop Recurring R0 Customer requested stop of specific recurring payment. 0
Stop Recurring R1 Customer requested stop of all recurring payments. 0
“SYSTEM ERROR” 96 System malfunction. 0
“TERM ID ERROR” 03 Invalid merchant ID. 0
“WRONG PIN” 55 Incorrect PIN. 0
“CVV2 MISMATCH” N7 CVV2 value supplied is invalid. 0
“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” xx Undefined response. 0
Duplicate Trans 94 Unable to locate, no match 0
Approval T0 First check is OK and has been converted. 0
Cannot Convert T1 Check is OK but cannot be converted. This is a declined transaction. 0
Invalid ABA T2 Invalid ABA number, not an ACH participant. 0
Amount Error T3 Amount greater than the limit. 0
Unpaid Items T4 Unpaid items, failed negative file check. 0
Duplicate Number T5 Duplicate check number. 0
MICR Error T6 MICR error.  
Too Many Checks T7 Too many checks (over merchant or bank limit). 0
Approval 11 VIP approval See the AVS Result code
Approval 08 Honor MasterCard with ID See the AVS Result code
Activated 100 POS device authentication successful 0
Not Activated 101 POS device authentication not successful 0
POS ID Error 102 Could not validate MerchantId (POS ID) 0
Deactivated 103 POS device deactivation successful 0
Completed 200 Adjustment successful 0
Not Completed 201 Adjustment not successful 0







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