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According to a report by Javelin Strategy & Research, payments made with plastic cards—debit and credit—comprised 66 percent of all sales, and that is expected to rise. now allows sellers to accept payment instantly for sold listings directly through the Checkout system using the Fast Charge Payment Gateway.

Accepting payments directly through the Checkout system allows buyers the ability to pay quickly and securely the instant a listing has ended. This reduces the back and forth communication between buyer and seller that typically occurs once a listing has ended.

Advantages of Accepting Credit Cards on


  • Increase sales significantly by accepting credit cards online.
  • The safest recommended method of payment according to the American Bar Association is by credit card for both face-to-face and online purchases.
  • With online credit card processing, you will capture many more orders from people buying on impulse.
  • Your business establishes instant creditability.
  • You will have a competitive edge over the competition.
  • Your business will be able to take orders 24 X 7, 365-days a year.
  • The online secure server ordering process does not have to be monitored, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on other areas of your business.
  • Real-Time Reporting to view orders instantly as they come in.
  • Your business will receive payments much faster.


Accepting credit cards as a form of online payment is a key part of e-commerce. The Fast Charge payment gateway and merchant services is gun and ammo dealer friendly. As an integrated payment module in our e-commerce platform, it is now easier than ever to accept all major credit cards, electronic checks, and non-cash transactions on your website. Our payment gateway and merchant services are firearms retailer friendly, and our rates are well below the industry average. Sign up below, or call us for more information.

To accept payments via the Gun Broker Checkout System you will need a firearms or ammo merchant account with a Fast Charge Payment Gateway account. Once you obtain these accounts then you can follow the instructions below:


Gun Broker Checkout with Fast Charge


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