Credit Card Transaction Load Balancing
Load Balancing Payment Gateway

Load Balancing Payment Gateway



Credit Card Transaction Load Balancing


Load balancing payment gateway processing between more than one merchant account can be an effective tool for monitoring transactions, tracking sales volume, mitigating risk and reducing chargebacks. Merchants that have high transaction numbers, high sales volume, multiple product lines, multiple sales urls, or have merchant account processing limits can benefit from load balancing between their merchant accounts. Our Payment Gateway offers Load Balancing between as many merchant accounts as you desire under one payment gateway account.

Transaction Load Balancing for credit cards, debit cards and echecks allows you to divide your transaction volume across multiple merchant accounts. Using Fast Charge SubIDs under a single Account ID transactions will be distributed evenly across the selected SubIDs. You may direct transactions to all SubIDs, or a subset of SubIDs that you select.


Benefits of Load Balancing Payment Gateway


1. Spread Transactions Over Several Merchant Accounts
2. Mitigate Risk and Reduce Chargebacks
3. Use Only One Payment Gateway Login to Monitor All Merchant Accounts
4. Single Integration for all Payment Methods


Example of How Load Balancing Works:

Merchant Account “A”  –  25%
Merchant Account “B”  –  25%
Merchant Account “C”  –  25%
Merchant Account “D”  –  25%

This will spread your transactions evenly over four different merchant accounts with four different processing Banks.

 What we also see merchants do quite often is to process on the Merchant Account they have the lowest rates on until they reach their limits then they switch over to Merchant Account “B” and so on. Whatever way you decide to use is no problem and with Fast Charge you only have to manage and pay for “One” payment gateway account.

Credit card load balancing with the Fast Charge Payment Gateway is very simple to set up and is one of the options under “Available Services” in your Fast Charge account. If you have any questions please contact us with any questions.

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