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Fast Charge is compatible with thousands of e-commerce shopping carts and if you don’t see us listed as a payment gateway you can still use Fast Charge with just about any shopping cart using our Authorizenet Emulator:



The Authorize.Net Emulator allows merchants to use the Authorize.Net payment module that is available in most third party shopping carts. Simply change the POST TO™ URL within the Authorize.Net payment module to point to Fastcharge™ gateway and your account will be up and running within a few minutes.


Locate the Authorize.Net Aim Payment Module in your shopping cart and change the POST TO™ URL FROM: TO:

Depending on the shopping cart and it’s payment module you may need to change the post to URL in 1,2 or 3 places. It’s best to find the AIM payment module and then change it everywhere in this file.

Here’s a tip, do a search in the AIM file for “.dllâ€? to help you find the urls to replace with the emulator url.

Admin Settings:

Login to your Admin Panel and open the “Payment Methods” setting for Authorizenet. If it gives you a choice select the AIM module because this will allow customers to stay on your site when they purchase from you. Once you get to the settings you can enter the following information:

  • API Login ID: This is your fastcharge Account ID (FCXXX)
  • Transaction Key: This is your Fastcharge “Merchant Pin”
  • Mode: We always suggest “Live Mode or Production Mode”
  • Gateway URL: If you have this option enter
  • MD5 Hash:We now ignore this but you can enter “7gt77lyst555r7677yt”
  • Authorize or Capture: We recommend you select Authorize and Capture


These are some of the most common carts that the Fast Charge Payment Gateway emulator has been proven to work on. This is not a complete list so give us a call if you don’t see a cart on this list:

123 Shop Pro
• Corporation
• 2DEG
• 3dCart
• 3rd Coast Webs
• A Web For You
• AbleCommerce
• Able Designer
• Advanced eMedia
• aMember PRO
• Americart
• Antal Media
• Antigua Web Designs
• Applied Tech NC
• The Artful Spider
• aSecureCart
• AspDotNetStorefront Cart
• Austin C Jenkins (ACJ) Design
• BB Design
• BNS West
• Business Demographics, Inc
• Cart Manager
• Cart32
• Cartmods
• CEC Systems
• Cf_ezcart
• Coastal Web Online
• Comersus
• Commerce.cgi
• Contriv Design, Inc
• CRE Secure
• Danise
• Decision Tree Consulting
• DesignCart
• Designer Web Solutions
• Details AMD
• DevCompany
• Digital Charis
• Draztik Dezignz
• Earth Skater
• Mal’s e-Commerce
• Mirage Shopping
• Miva Merchant
• MyCart
• MyTechSupport
• .Net Cart
• NetStores
• Next Effect
• Nittany Web Works
• OpenCart
• Open Design
• osCommerce
• Page Technology
• PDG Software, Inc.
• Pinnacle Cart
• Portline
• Practical Business Systems
• QuikStore
• Quinncom
• Randa Solutions
• Rapid Merchant
• Real Soft
• RealCart
• RMS Cart
• ROI Media Group
• RPB Advisors
• SalesCart
• Schipul Technologies
• SG Design Group
• Shop-Script
• Side Street Shop
• Small Planet Marketing
• SmartWin Technology
• Source Publications
• Squirrel Cart
• StoreFront 2000
• SunShop Shopping Cart
• SurfNet Corporation
• e.cats
• ecommerce Templates
• ECware Corporation
• eMerchant Integrations
• Enter-Link
• eWebsite Online
• Fasturtle Technologies, LLC
• Freedom Networking Solutions
• Studios
• Gravity Factor
• Honeybee Graphics
• Hostwork International
• iisCart
• J Street Technology
• JShop Professional
• Kickasp
• King Cart Services
• Magento
• Syminet
• Synergyx
• Tanner Creative
• Trumpet Marketing Group
• Turnkey Web Tools
• Ultra
• Veracart
• Vibralogix
• Virtuemart
• VNet Software
• Volusion
• WebAsyst
• WebCreators, Inc.
• Web Designs LA
• xAuthorize, LLC
• X-Cart
• Zen Cart

There are thousands of other shopping carts and ecommerce systems that allow you to use the emulator and if you have any questions or need help please give us a call at (800) 757 5453. To determine if your shopping cart is compatible with our Authorizenet Emulator find out if you can change the Gateway URL it accesses. If you can change this to your cart will work with our gateway. NOTE: We haven’t found any stand alone shopping carts that won’t allow this.

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ also includes a FREE basic shopping cart wizard option with each gateway license to process credit cards or online checks. The free secure shopping cart is for merchants who have a need for a basic shopping cart that can total shipping and tax charges. With the web link wizard you can generate the shopping cart code in under 1 minute and then cut and paste it to your web page. Sample Free Web Link Hosted Shopping Cart Wizard

In addition to the free cart the upgradable FastCharge Web Cart is a full featured easy to use oneline store and shopping cart that integrates easily into your existing web site. There is no software to buy or install. All you need to do is add a few “Add to Cart” buttons that link your web site to our secure server, and we take care of the rest. No additional changes need to be made to the server where your website is hosted. Click here for more information about Online Merchant Center Web Cart.
The following shopping carts are open source and all of them work very well with Fast Charge:


Start accepting credit card payments with your WooCommerce store today. Quickly and safely integrate your WooCommerce shopping cart platform with the Fast Charge Payment Gateway with this plugin .



Zencart is open source meaning it’s free to download and install. It is also available with thousands of webhosting accounts as a free “one click” addon. They do have a paid support service and will install the shopping cart on any website for a small fee. Because this cart is so popular it is very easy to find a webdesigner to customize it. Zencart is basically oscommerce with all the bells and templates any merchant could use. It has every shipping module, marketing module, pricing schemes, discounts, google adwords tracking, affiliate tracking, coupons and thousands of templates with many of them free. To install the Fastcharge payment module it takes about 2 minutes for any novice to get up and running. Zencart is also portable and can be easily moved from one webhost to another in minutes.

Sun Shop

The most comprehensive PHP ecommerce software in its class, SunShop includes everything you need to build your online storefront, market your products, take orders, accept customer payments, manage your inventory, track shipments, and MORE.

Visit Sun Shop for More Information!


Oscommerce is the original open source shopping cart and has 60,000 custom addons developed by users. We used to recommend Oscommerce until we received so much good feedback about Zencart. The difference between oscommerce and Zencart is that Zencart comes with many bells and whistles already installed. Oscommerce has more addons but most of them require advanced coding which the average merchant has trouble with.


OpenCart is an open source shopping cart that has very advanced features such as ? multi currency, multi languages and product reviews etc.. OpenCart makes their money providing support and addon services etc.. They have very good support but a programmer will probably be required to get it installed.


Build and manage your online store with a shopping cart software that’s full of easy-to-use tools – no programming skills required. Give your site a design that’s sure to impress. Simply apply your favorite template with just a click of the mouse.

Instructions for setting up Volusion:

Login to your Volusion Admin
Under gateways select “other”
Type in “Merchantpartners”
Custom Field #1: Enter Your Fast Charge Account ID (FCxxx)
Custom Field #2: Enter Your Merchant Pin Number (You can find this under your FRISK settings in Fast Charge)
Custom Field #3: Leave Blank
Click Save/Update and you’re all set up


Shopsite is a very good “Paid Cart” that also has a “One Click” activation setting in their admin settings. The downside to Shopsite is it’s a little more expensive and not for entry level or growing merchants unless they are prepared to spend a little bit per month for their webhosting but it is very good.


VirtueMart is a very “hot” Open Source E-Commerce solution to be used together with a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla!. Joomla! and VirtueMart are written in PHP and can be used in typical PHP/MySQL environments. VirtueMart is what the pros use instead of WordPress for their content delivery and database management. To use the Fastcharge Payment Gateway with Virtuemart/Joomla there are several options. There is a free module on the Virtuemart support forum, a paid “one click” module for a small fee and the option to use the authnet emulator.


WordPress is a free blog and website publishing program that now has hundreds of shopping carts available as a plugin. Any of these plugins can be edited to work with Fastcharge and very little programming is needed. However, there’s a note of caution about WordPress plugins. Most of these are free to install but most of them require some type of paid service or upgrade to get them to work correctly or only allow a few products.


Magento is a “free to install” cart that has many features available and is used by many very large companies. It started as an open source shopping cart that has evolved into a pay as you go cart. If a merchant downloads or installs Magento they need to have advanced programming skills or be prepared to pay them for help. We only recommend them because their order management system for larger companies highly recommended by direct marketing, direct mail and very large companies. Magento has the ability receive direct feeds from UPS or Fedex for package tracking and returns etc..


Joomla is one of the world’s most popular open source CMS (content management systems). With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications. To use the Fastcharge Payment Gateway with Joomla there are several options. There is a free module on the Virtuemart support forum, a paid “one click” module for a small fee and the option to use the authnet emulator. There are also many developer forums where users have posted their Fastcharge Joomla payment module for users to download for free.

Some More Compatible Shopping Carts:

We are compatible with thousands of other carts — our tech support dept. can check into a particular cart for you if necessary.

Third Party Shopping Carts

Our Network offers emulation of most gateways. This makes it easy for anyone to utilize our Transaction Processing Services with their approved shopping cart in about 5 minutes.

Because of the fact that our Transaction Processing Service is so easy to integrate, countless shopping cart developers have found that integrating our Transaction Processing Services directly into their shopping cart is a relatively trivial task even if you developed your own cart.

To see more on connecting your shopping cart please see our Shopping Cart Implemenation Guide


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