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“I have used the Fast Charge Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services for the last 6 months. As our business started to develop and reach a larger market area one of our the initial concerns was how to quickly integrate a SINGLE Merchant Service Provider for On-Line, Keyed, and Retail sales. There are a vast number of Merchant Service Providers available… How many of those that exist are 2A friendly? Not many… I submitted a simple application on-line and within 24hrs they were in contact with me, and guided us through the whole payment gateway process/setup while making it seamless, easy and fast. Sarah was instrumental in our final decision to use Fast Charge as our One-Stop Merchant Service Provider. I would highly recommend Fast Charge to anyone who needs a payment gateway and credit card processing set up… and they are definitely the BEST Merchant Service Provider you will find.”

Arsenal Democracy


It has been my genuine pleasure to work with Fast Charge and Electronic Transfer over the past 3 plus years. Had it not been for Jane’s product knowledge, efficiency, & dedication to customer service I would have “shopped” for other venues. Jane’s personalized attention to my account has kept me a happy customer. Jane Torvik is a credit to herself & to Electronic Transfer Inc., Fast Charge Payment Gateway.

Good Job!

Thomas J Samean
Citadel International


Superb Service!

I love what Electronic Transfer Inc has done for my small resell shop. They set up everything my business needed for accepting Credit Cards, processing and transfers. I have been using them 2 years and haven’t had any issues. If I have any questions I just call them up. They have provided excellent customer service since day one. My store profits rose once I was able to start accepting Credit Cards. Thanks to Electronic Transfer I have a super successful shop and thinking of opening more! Thumbs up!


Ashlee Green


When I set up my online subscription service, I searched for a vendor that would provide comprehensive service (authorizations, processing, tools) and found Electronic Transfer and FastCharge. Fastcharge’s service is great, the costs are low, and the interface tools are easy-to-use. Fastcharge helps me provide quality low cost service to my members. I recommend them.

John Edelson


Absolutely the best! Made my switch from Paypal!

I am very pleased that Fast Charge was brought to my attention. I was able to fill out the application and get accepted all in 24 hours. I just love this company. Unlike PayPal, they have no monthly limits. They are even faster when it comes to depositing my money. I used to wait days and days to get my money, only to be charged for a transfer and put on a limit. Now I can feel free to accept any major credit card payments. I know first hand how great they are. I wouldn’t hesitate telling others starting their own businesses to use them as well. I say two thumbs up.



The customer service department is very helpful in resolving any issues at hand. We are very happy with the service Electronic Transfer and Fastcharge provides and want to thank you for your continued support.

Thanks again for all your help.

Trasi Ogle
Murray’s Gunsmithing


I am certainly no giant when it comes to programming, but I know enough to get by! A simple job, sell some books and memberships online. I have my own shopping cart but needed basic credit card charging and recurring billing.

I tried PayPal first and after 3 weeks and 300+ pages of documentation the final straw was when I had a question and I couldn’t find an answer in their documentation. They replied with an email and quoted me a paragraph out of their manual! So long!

Next came an organization that touted 24/7 support. I signed up on a Wednesday, was approved on Thursday, and almost there on Saturday but could not get the recurring billing to work. No one answered the phone and the email reply was an auto response. On Monday I checked the link (in my email auto response) and found out the individual (tech support) was out of the office until Wednesday! So much for the 24/7 support!

I found Electronic Transfer and Fast Charge on Tuesday, signed up on Wednesday, was approved on Thursday and was operational (live) at 1:10 pm on Saturday!

Support is where it is my fellow developers, and Fast Charge has it all! Friendly, reliable and available help; what more could you ask for?

Paul Enockson


This credit card processing company is awesome. They are upfront and honest. There is not many of them out there. I have been dealing with Owner and he is awesome.

Vanessa Thomas



I am so very glad that a business associate recommended your service. I have still not heard back from some of the other merchant account providers that I contacted before I was referred to you. Pretty impressive to be up and running with our first transaction completed in less than 48 hours. Thank you for taking such good care of us, we are looking forward to a lasting professional relationship.

Dean Wilhelm, Pres.
D.K. Rolling Outfitters Inc.
Jacksonville, FL.


The help you people have given me goes beyond what anyone would expect from a merchant service company! When I started my business I was helpless when it came to technical stuff and I wore out the patience of many techs at the various merchant account and credit card processing companies I dealt with. Except you people! Whenever I was stuck all I had to do was ring up your main number and in a few seconds I was being walked through the process cheerfully and competently by someone who knew me by my first name. I don’t get to talk to you often these days because you’re system is so efficient I don’t need help anymore. Maybe its purely coincidental but our site has become a tremendous success since we hooked up with you to accept credit cards! You know, every word I wrote here is true and I appreciate you people’s handling of business so much. You’re the best I’ve come across so far!

Beverly Hanna
Flex-Away Facial Exerciser


I have been running a one-person business online since 1994, but until I threw out my swipe machine and switched to Electronic Transfer the cost of accepting charges was always too high. Even if I was on vacation or accepted mostly checks, my charge card fees were always over $50 EVERY month.

Now with Electronic Transfer I pay only a modest fee each month for retaining access to their services. I’m money ahead and my clients get an automatic immediate email receipt letting them know their charge has gone through.

This is how to do business online!

Mark Gisleson
PO Box 14264 • St Paul MN 55114
651 644-6408 ph/fax


“Help, As our sales increased 700% in March and three times that in April!”
“In February, I found an opportunity to sell Patriotic lapel pins online. I had heard many horror stories from others about the ‘hoops’ you have to jump through and the fees you have to pay just to get a merchant account. But I found Electronic Transfer Inc. online through a search engine, and inquired about starting up an online merchant account.”

“I spoke to ETI and was amazed at the level of customer service and the ease of starting an account. Though we did not have an established business credit history, Electronic Transfer obtained an account for us with competitive fees.”

“As our sales increased 700% in March and three times that in April, we were faced with a real challenge. It was only the 15th and we were approaching our maximum monthly intake limit. I contacted ETI about this mixed blessing, and that we were running out of time. Immediately, ETI procured an additional merchant account for us, with twice our original limit.”

“Not only did their efforts keep us in business, but allowed us to increase our marketing efforts to generate additional sales. I would honestly say ETI is like our strategic partner supporting our business goals and objectives.”

Kathryn Holway, AES
American Entertainment



Electronic Transfer has been great !
I called Electronic Transfer after going through another big named company. With the old company I went through voice system hell to ask a simple question. With ETI I asked questions for 30 minutes before my account was set up and then another 30 minutes after my account was approved in one day. I had alot of questions about my shopping cart and they walked me through the set up and since I’ve had their service there hasn’t been a time I called that I couldn’t talk to a real person to get my questions answered. I would highly recommend them for a merchant account and their shopping cart is so easy even I was able to set it up within minutes.

Joe Huttington



Walked me through setup
I applied with and they set me up with the best gateway I’ve tried, They walked me through the set up within minutes of being approved!

Kevin in Poughkeepsi, NY


Timely, efficient, and helpful
Electronic Transfer has been wonderful to work with. When we originally applied for the service, we had a very bad experience with another merchant account company. Electronic Transfer was like a breath of fresh air. Their customer service is timely, efficient, and helpful. The merchant account system, itself, has worked without a hitch. I would recommend their service to everyone.

Valerie in Sarasota, FL


“Electronic Transfer is Great”
“I got my credit card processing set up through Electronic Transfer. I called them and a real person answered the phone and set up my merchant account the same day ”

Jack Haverty
Hyde Park, NY


“Electronic Transfer has been awesome”
“Thanks to the combination of Electronic Transfer and Fast Charge, my business has grown rapidly! Having the ability to process online payments has been a boon for myself and my customers. I highly recommend ElectronicTransfer and Fastcharge! Keep up the good work! ”

John Perry


“The way a company performs at taking care of its customers is the most important factor in my decision about whom to do business with and certainly ranks far above price. When it comes right down to it, the customer is what this is all about and Electronic Transfer has proven to me that the company shares this view like none of the others.”

Donald Jenkins
Expressway, Inc.

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