Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

The FastCharge Virtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based interface that enables businesses to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser. Virtual Terminal replaces standard authorization terminals or software, and provides the best solution for merchants who manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone order sales.
Virtual Terminal suits businesses of all sizes because it reduces the complexity and expense normally associated with authorizing and processing credit card transactions. It’s also much faster than standard dial-up authorization systems.
Businesses with an FastCharge account may access the Virtual Terminal through the FastCharge Web site using any Web browser. After logging into their FastCharge account using a unique user ID and a password, merchants can access the complete range of FastCharge services — authorizations for purchases, credits and returns, status and activity reports, and much more.
To authorize credit card transactions, the merchant must complete an electronic form that provides the Fast Charge system with the information it needs to complete the transaction. This information is encrypted using the latest 40 or 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 technology and is sent to an Fast Charge host server. The server then sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer’s bank using a secure, proprietary connection. When the process is complete — this usually takes around three seconds — the merchant receives an authorization number, and the Fast Charge server stores the transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and are typically funded within two to three business days.
Merchants can also check the status of transactions and run a var
iety of reports right from the Fast Charge Merchant Interface.
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Payment Gateway

Fast Charge is a quick, easy and secure way to process all of your payments. It's real-time and you're always open!

Pre Auth A Pre-Auth will perform an authorization on the transaction but will not settle funds. An approved pre-auth means that the card issuing bank has approved the transaction and temporarily reserved the transaction amount against the cardholder's line of credit. This hold is only temporary, and if the transaction is not subsequently captured then the authorization will eventually be dropped by the issuing bank after a preset amount of time elapses. Approved pre-auth transactions can be captured and settled by issuing a Post transaction using the Order Manager menu. A pre-auth cannot be voided.
Sale A sale transaction will request an authorization from the card issuing bank for the transaction amount. If approved, it will immediately post the transaction for processing during the next settlement cycle. This is done in one step (no subsequent transactions are required to complete the transaction).
Voice Auth "Voice Auth Capture" transactions are used when you have attempted a transaction and a Call Center response was returned. Merchants must then contact their merchant bank to obtain a unique Authorization Code that can then be entered to complete the sale. Entering any number other than the Authorization Code provided by your bank may cause your transaction or entire batch of transactions to fail. If you do not know your Auth Code, please contact your credit card merchant account provider.
Card Verification Value 2 The CVV2 code, or Card Verification Value 2, is the three-digit code located after the credit card number on the signature strip of Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards. American Express cardholders can locate a four-digit code on the front of the card above the account number. This number is never transferred during card swipes and should only be known by the cardholder, the person holding the card in their hand. The CVV2 code requires physical access to the credit card thus reducing the risk of Internet credit card fraud. CVV2 Reponse Codes: Space: CVV2 processing not requested M: CVV2/CVC2 Match N: CVV2/CVC2 not matched P: Not processed S: CVV2 should be printed on the card, but it was indicated that the value was not present U: Issuer does not support CVV2 X: Service provider did not respond
Merchant Order Number This is not a required field. This field can be used by the merchant to enter any data they choose, such as product ids, serial number, or any data pertinent to the transaction. The merchant can use this information to search for transactions in the Transaction Search menu. There is a maximum of 64 characters allowed in this field.
OVERRIDEAVS IMPORTANT NOTICE - Overriding AVS will result in a higher discount rate on this transaction. You will not receive the AVS discount rate unless the customer address information is provided above. Please contact customer service for more information.

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