Easy Mobile Credit Card Processing With Fast Charge
Wireless Mobile Payments

Wireless Mobile Payments


Mobile credit card processing can be used by the following:


Trade Shows and Kiosks
Mobile Car Washes / Mobile Detailers
Food Trucks, Hot Dog Stands etc..
Pizza and Food Delivery
Flea Market and Gun Show Venders
Mobile Auto Repair
Home Inspection Companies
Many Others….

Before Apple iPhone and wireless credit card processing (m-commerce) solutions became available collecting funds for orders done “on the road” required people to either pay by cash, check or write down their credit card information so you could process the transaction later back at your office. The fact is, cash and checks can get lost and credit card information, if not put in a secure place, can get into the wrong hands between the time the information was taken down and the customers card was charged. Now m-commerce solutions have taken the hassles out of doing business “on the run.”


Fast Charge has several wireless and mobile credit card processing options available to merchants:



card swipe reder for iPhone

Testing Fast Charge With Your iPhone, iPad or Smartphone

Download The “FREE” App Below Called “My iPPA” and enter the following account details to test the payment gateway and credit card processing:

API Login ID: “test0”
Transaction Key/Merchant Pin: “1234567890”
Mode: We always suggest “Live Mode”
Credit card number: “5454545454545454”
Exp date: “1/12/2019”
CVV/CVV2: “193”
Address: “Use any address and zip”


NOTE: This is a real working App. Using the test account details above you will see the actual credit card processing system in action. If you have an “Active Fast Charge” Account just use your actual account information.

free iphone app


Fast Charge Card Present Credit Card Processing Virtual Terminal with MAGTEK Credit and Debit Card Reader

Blue Tooth Credit Card Reader

Now you can process retail POS transactions and take advantage of reduced card present merchant account transaction fees using our Virtual POS (VPOS) and an inexpensive credit card swipe reader attached to your PC. No software installation is required, and no dedicated credit card terminal needs to be installed.

Fast Charge VPOS allows you to process real time credit card transactions using your existing computer with an Internet connection.

Blue Tooth Credit Card Reader

 Blue Tooth Credit Card Reader

The Blue Tooth Credit Card Reader is a self-contained wireless data collection system for capturing the information stored on cards with magnetic stripes, and is currently the smallest wirless portable reader in the world. It can store the data from tracks 1, 2 and 3 in its internalnon-volatile memory for later downloading to a PC via bluetooth or USB. A timestamp is also stored alongside the data. It features an internal rechargeable LithiumIon battery, which is recharged using the mini usb cable.Applications include time and attendance tracking in classrooms or jobsites labour tracking as well as contact management and leadretrieval for trade shows and conferences.

The MINIDX4B is equipped with a 512K Byte internal memory chip, which canstore two thousand complete track 1, 2 and 3 swipes before needing to be emptied, after which it can resume operation. Interface specifications are available to qualified developers wishing to integrate the mini series of portable readers into existing software.

The self-contained Bluetooth tm wireless interface allows the MINIDX4B to transmit data to a remote computer or peripheral, either in real-time or in batch mode. This includes not only any Bluetooth equipped PC, butalso our CMP wireless printer or standalone sideKick Bluetooth interface.


Smart Phone Credit Card Terminals

smart phone credit card processing


Now you can transform your IPhone or Smart Phone into a mobile credit card processing terminal – and begin accepting credit card payments wherever you or your employees may go.

And our safe and convenient solution employs a merchant account that allows you to save on your credit card processing fees. With smartphone credit card terminals you can accept credit and debit cards with your Android or Apple Smartphone.

Get paid quickly and securely, anywhere!


  1. Easy to Set Up: Start accepting credit cards right away. Set-up takes only 3 simple steps.
  2. Keyed & Swiped Solutions: You can key transactions right into your phone or add a credit card swiper & take advantage of lower rates.
  3. Secure and Safe: The system is both PA-DSS and PCI compliant. All of your customer’s credit card information is securely encrypted and uses SSL network protection.
  4. Real-Time Processing: The mobile, real-time processing solution allows you to take credit cards anytime, anywhere – in a safe and secure environment.
  5. Risk Free: You pay no set up fees for your Smart and IPhone merchant account. More importantly, you don’t have to sign a long term contract, so you are free to cancel whenever you want.
  6. Master Account: If you have multiple phones that need to process credit cards, you can link them all into one account to create an enterprise level solution. Works great for taxi cab companies, food establishments and other delivery-type businesses with multiple vehicles.

No matter what your work entails, whether it be a home delivery service, home contractor business, weekend craft shows or even school fundraisers, you can quickly and securely accept your customers’ credit cards and issue them receipts to their mobile phones or by email.

Mobile credit card processing for iPhones and Smart Phones – the ideal cost effective solution for the merchant on the go!


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