Duplicate credit card transaction
Duplicate Charges

Duplicate Charges


We get many calls every day from merchants who tell us their customer called them to complain about seeing more then one transaction on their bank account. In almost every situation duplicate charges are the result of an “address mismatch” and the card is actually declined in Fast Charge.

Here’s What Happens:

    1. The customer enters their card and address and processes transaction
    2. Customer’s Bank returns an approval but with an address mismatch 
    3. Fast Charge gets the “Address Mismatch” and declines the transaction
    4. The customer sees the transaction but gets a decline
    5. Customer corrects the address and processes again or calls the merchant for help
    6. The merchant runs the transaction again in the Virtual Terminal and gets an approval
    7. Customer calls merchant because they see “Two” transactions on their Bank statement


There are two ways to stop this from happening

  1. Change your address verification settings to require the Zip Code to match but not the street address
  2. Wait 2-3 days for the transaction to drop off the customers account then run it again


NOTE: On most processing networks declined transactions cannot be reversed and they will drop off in 2-3 days!



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