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Sample Code

Sample Code

Fast Charge Payment Gateway Sample Code

Following you will find some sample HTML and other code which can be used to send transactions from your website to Fast Charge Payment Gateway.

Quicksale Credit Card HTML Post Form

The simplest method for integrating with our gateway is by collecting consumer data via an HTML form and submitting the transaction to the gateway via an HTTPS Post. This form shows you all of the data fields that can be collected for a credit card transaction. This form is also a good starting point if you are going to use one of the other integration methods because it demonstrates the data fields that will be required regardless of the method used to connect to the gateway. Use this test form to familiarize yourself with the Fast Charge gateway, then implement the integration that best fits your application.

Note: Hosting your own payment form requires that you install an SSL certificate on your server to ensure that card data transmissions are secure.

Quicksale ACH HTML Post Form

This is a sample form that demonstrates how to submit an Electronic Check (ACH) transaction to the payment gateway. ACH transactions are almost identical to credit card transactions, except an ABA account number and Routing Number are submitted rather than a credit card number and expiration date. An image of a check is displayed to help consumers locate the account number and routing number for their accounts. We recommend incorporating this (or a similar) image on your pages to minimize data entry errors.

QuickSale Form for Recurring Payments

The Fast Charge payment gateway supports processing of automated (scheduled) recurring payments. Setting up a new recurring payment requires just a few fields (in addition to the standard consumer payment information). Once the transaction information is sent to Fast Charge, the system will automatically take care of all future payments based on start date, end date and payment period (e.g. weekly, monthly, twice-yearly, etc.). This sample HTML form demonstrates how to submit a transaction to the payment gateway that will be automatically billed for the amount and frequency you specify.

Sample Web Cart Shopping Cart and Online Store

Web Cart Modes There are two different Web Cart shopping cart modes that you can use. In the shopping cart only mode, you host your own product catalog on your web site and we handle the checkout and payment options. If you enable the Catalog option, we’ll host your Online Store including product catalog which you can link to from your web site using a “Click here to view our Online Store” link. Which mode you select is up to you — there are no additional fees to enable the catalog. And you can easily switch between the two modes to decide which one best suits your situation.

  • Shopping Cart Demo – View our Shopping Cart Demo to see an example of how the shopping cart can be integrated into your existing web site.
  • Online Store Demo – View our Online Store Demo to see an example of the same store but this time with the Online Store with product catalog mode enabled.

Sample Web Link Hosted Shopping Cart option

The Fast Charge payment gateway offers a simple hosted shopping cart solution that can be incorporated into an existing web site. This option is still available, but we recommend using the newer and more capable Web Cart service described above. This sample page shows several ways of displaying a “Buy It” link on your web site. Clicking on any of the payment buttons will transfer you to our secure check-out screen to complete the check-out and payment steps. To configure your tax and shipping criteria, use the Tax and Shipping Manager sections within Online Merchant Center under the Merchant Configuration Menu. For detailed instructions, refer to the Online Commerce Suite Integration Guide.

Click here to use our Web Link Wizard to automatically generate the HTML for your order form.

Sample Membership/Subscription Signup Page

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway Membership system allows merchants to sell and maintain memberships or subscriptions to their web site and/or organization. The signup page consumers use to purchase the subscription can be hosted on your site, or you can use our customizable secure hosted signup page. This link displays a sample using our secure hosted site. The subscription plans, payment types, and color scheme are all configurable using the Membership menu options within the Online Merchant Center. For detailed instructions, refer to the Online Commerce Suite Membership Guide. Membership services are an add-on product, and you may be charged additional fees. Contact your reseller or customer service for more information.


Payment Gateway Process

Two steps are needed when a credit card, debit card or check is used for a purchase:

An authorization request is sent to the cardholder’s Bank to verify that the account number is valid and in good standing, to check that the card has not expired, to check that the account has sufficient available credit, and to check for fraud. Authorization requests may optionally contain parts of the cardholder’s name, address, and telephone number; if any part of this information does not match the cardholder’s record, the authorization will be declined. Once payment has been authorized, the merchant is given an authorization code, and the authorized amount of money becomes reserved and cannot be used for other purchases.

The payment gateway will settle a daily batch at around 6 P.M. of several authorized transactions that are identified by authorization codes. Settlement causes money to be transfered into the merchant’s merchant account bank account and each transaction to be added to the appropriate credit card account’s current transactions. If the transaction is not settled in three days, it may have a surcharge added.

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