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Magento Payment Gateway Setup


Magento Shopping Cart Setup and Configuration

Magento has several options for accepting payments and these are the steps for setting up The Fast Charge Payment Gateway:

Magento Admin Settings:

Login to your Admin Panel and open the “Payment Methods” setting for Authorizenet.


  1. Login
  2. Select System
  3. Click Configuration
  4. Select Payment Methods
  5. Select “Authorizenet Direct Post”

Magento gives you a choice select several payment modules but the only one you need is the Authorizenet Direct Post module because this will allow customers to stay on your site when they purchase from you. Once you get to the settings you can enter the following information:

  • Enabled = Yes
  • Payment Action = Authorize and Capture
  • Title = “Pay by Credit Card”
  • API Login ID: This is your Fastcharge Account ID (FCXXX)
  • Transaction Key: This is your Fastcharge “Merchant Pin”
  • MD5 Hash: We ignore this but you need to enter something “7gt77lyst555r7677yt”
  • Mode: Always Select “Live Mode”
  • Gateway URL: You need to enter this URL:  https://trans.secure-fastcharge.com/cgi-bin/authorize.cgi
  • New Order Status = Processing
  • Accepted Currency = US Dollar
  • Debug = No
  • Email Customer = Yes
  • Merchant’s Email = Your Email Address
  • Credit Card Types = Visa, MasterCard and Discover (If you have Amex you can select this)
  • Authorize or Capture: We recommend you select Authorize and Capture